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EGO hire-purchase


Ego hire-purchase is a flexible means of payment by instalments, which will make big purchases also easy to pay for.

The payment term of up to 4 years means a small, almost unnoticeable monthly cost in your budget.

In order to get the ego hire-purchase all you need to do is go to a shop which has a co-operation partnership agreement with Hansa Leasing. There you will:
  • select the goods you want to buy by with hire-purchase,
  • the salesperson will explain the conditions of the ego hire-purchase,
  • you will submit an application for the hire-purchase,
  • you will conclude the purchase-sale contract and will get the goods into your use.
There are no complicated and time-consuming visits to the bank or the leasing company!

Why ego hire-purchase?

The ego hire-purchase enables you to buy without saving the money first: home electronics and appliances, computing devices, windows, doors, office and communications equipment, furniture, construction goods, foresting and farming equipment, security equipment, sporting goods, tourism trips, dental and beauty care, training services, etc.

You can pay by instalments for almost everything at the price range 2,000 – 150,000 kroons.


Who may apply for the ego hire-purchase?
  • The ego hire-purchase can be applied for by an adult citizen of the Republic of Estonia or a person residing in the Republic of Estonia on the basis or a valid residence permit. To apply, it is sufficient to have a monthly net income of 2,000 kroons which has been received on an account at any Estonian bank for the last 6 months. If necessary, we may ask for an additional gurantee.
What does the amount of the ego hire-purchase depend on?
  • You can use hire-purchase on purchases the price of which is between 2,000 and 150,000 kroons.
  • The length of the payment period and the amount of the downpayment depend on your wish, your possibilities, the goods and the price.
  • The length of the period of hire-purchase may be up to 4 years.
  • The size of the downpayment is from 5% of the cost of the commodity up.
  • You can use the calculator to find out the size of the monthly payment.

Required documents

  • Personal identification document, either:
    - Passport of the citizen of the Republic of Estonia;
    - ID-Card of the citizen of the Republic of Estonia;
    - Alien’s passport of the Republic of Estonia;
    - Passport of the citizen of a foreign state.
  • If the regular income of an applicant has been received in the current account with a bank other than Hansabank, the applicant is required to submit the statement of account in respect of the last six months, issued and confirmed by this other bank.

Steps to get the hire-purchase

  • Select the goods at a shop which has co-operation agreement with Hansa Leasing and inform the salesperson of your wish for hire-purchase.
  • The salesperson will inform you of the conditions of the ego hire-purchase.
  • Present the requested documents to the salesperson. The documents will be forwarded together with the application to Hansa Leasing. The customers of all banks will receive a response about the approval of the hire-purchase application within 15 minutes.
  • If the application is approved, the salesperson will conclude the hire-purchase contract with you. After that you will make the dowpayment and pay the contract fee on the spot.
  • You will receive the goods after signing the contract.
  • You will make the instalment payments to Hansa Leasing according to the schedule in your contract.
  • We recommend signing a standing order for making the monthly payments to Hansa Leasing’s account 221001169826 right after signing the contract. Then you will have no trouble keeping in mind the payment dates – with the standing order the necessary amounts will be automatically debited from your account on the right date.
You will become the owner of the goods acquired with the hire-purchase after making the last payment.

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